Terms & conditions for the visualisation and online collection of medical reports

Article 1

In order to facilitate relationships with patients, Ospedale San Raffaele “OSR” and H San Raffaele Resnati, hereafter known as “Structures”, have created a free service for viewing and downloading medical analysis reports, hereafter known as “Dossier”, through a Patient Portal with reserved access.
Medical records collected online have legal validity and can be used in accordance with the Law.
The service provides the results of medical reports in accordance with the Law regarding personal data protection.

Article 2

It is the responsibility of the doctor in charge of the Department or Service to digitally sign the medical reports for which the patient has requested consultation online. These reports are then uploaded to the medical report portal where they are accessible through the consultation function as soon as they are available or by the date(s) indicated in the “Modulo Ritiro Referti” that is given to the patient when the medical exam is performed.

Article 3

In order to use the “Dossier” service, patients must register on the web portal.
In the case of minors, the consent form noted in Article 1 must be completed and provided by the parent/guardian, similarly to the procedure for the collection of medical reports in paper form. Activation of the service is subject to the completion of the form attached to this document or available at the hospital registration desks in any of the Structures, which the patient must duly complete and sign in acceptance of the terms and conditions therein

Article 4

Medical reports are made available via the “Dossier” for a maximum of 45 days (forty five) starting from the date indicated on the “Modulo ritiro referto”, or from the last date indicated in case of more than one collection date.

After this date, medical reports will be only provided in paper form and can be collected from the appropriate Structure by the patient, or the delegated person as specified in the “Modulo ritiro referti”.

Article 5

During the period in which the medical reports are available online as noted in Article 4, the patient may access the “Dossier” service without any limitation of time or day.

Article 6

The Structures inform patients that the “Dossier” service may be suspended or interrupted for technical reasons or force majeure, without being held responsible for the consequences deriving from such interruptions.

They also reserve the right to extend or reduce the operational focus of the service, or to deactivate it at any moment. In such cases, the Structures will endeavor to provide communication to this end through a notice on the hospital website. Such communication will be brought into effect on the date indicated. The Structures always, and in any case, guarantee the availability of medical reports in printed form.

Article 7

In order to provide confidentiality and security of the personal data stored by the system, the Structures will activate mechanisms and devices which will protect such data from unauthorized access. In order to access personal data provided by the “Dossier” service it is required for the patient to log in entering the following data:

  1. E-MAIL ADDRESS or MOBILE PHONE NUMBER typed by the patient during registration to the Patient Portal
  2. PASSWORD chosen by the patient when registering

Article 8

The “Access Code” , that is assigned to the patient at the reception desks, is meant as an initial temporary password or “One Time Password OTP” and must be entered in the field “Access Code” the first time the patient wishes to access the “Dossier” service.

Article 9

The patient shall have exclusive responsibility for his/her own PASSWORD and proper safekeeping of the access code. The Structures will not be held responsible for the supply of information in the case of use by third parties.

If the patient loses or forgets his/her password, he/she may request to reset it clicking on “Forgotten your password?” in the Patient Portal.

Article 10

Should the patient at any time use the personal Access Code and/or service in violation of the Law or against the principles of correctness or security, the Structures reserve the right to deactivate such access codes and/or service. Immediate communication of such deactivation will be provided to the patient via email.

Article 11

The responsibility of the Structures for any possible inaccuracies or incompleteness of the data provided, or any other responsibility relating to the distribution of the service in accordance with these terms and conditions will only be accepted in cases of malice or grave fault of the Structures. The original medical reports held at the Structures will be used in evidence of the data provided.

Article 12

The “Dossier” service is free of charge. Any costs deriving from the internet connection for accessing the service are in charge of the user according to the fees of his/her Internet provider.

Article 13

The patient, or the parent/ legal guardian, in cases of underage patients, has the right to revoke consent to the publication of medical reports onto the OSR Patient Portal by filling the appropriate form and delivering it to the Structures’ reception desks. From this moment on, the patient’s medical reports will no longer be available online on the web portal at any of the Structures.

Article 14

Any issues not dealt with in these terms and conditions will be dealt with in accordance with the terms that regulate relationships between patients and the Structures.